Patron Saint

Saint Anne was the mother of Mary, and thus the grandmother of Jesus. As a child Saint Anne was kind to her parents and always gentle and kind to her playmates.

Saint Anne married Joachim, but for many years they remained childless. Anne and Joachim prayed fervently​ that they would be blessed with a child. God bestowed upon St. Anne and St. Joachim the privilege of conceiving Mary, the mother of Jesus, to be born without the stain or original sin, the Immaculate Conception.
On the day of Mary's birth, Saint Anne felt joyful and blessed beyond all measure. She was destined to become the grandmother of Jesus. Saint Anne is the special patroness of St. Anne School.
May the motto and symbols on our shield and the example shown by Saint Anne, help to lead our students to love God and neighbour, always willing to serve others.